The Gala Story

Honor the past. Applaud the present. Fund the future.

Welcome to the 2024 Aggie Impact Gala! Tonight together, we are HONORING our past, APPLAUD­ING our present and FUNDING the future! This Gala is the culmination of wanting to celebrate all that we are, all that we have been and ignite us for all that we still have to do and be!
Losing the Presidential Achievement Award as a scholarship specifically for students of color, never sat comfortably with me. I would often wonder what scholarships replaced those monies? And even more disheartening has been seeing the declining or stagnation of top performing Black students choosing to attend our beloved Texas
What would an event look like that could reunite us in College Station as one body of Black Former Students that also made the connection between celebrating our Black Former Students and raising scholarship funds for our Future Black Students PLUS exemplifying Excellence for our current students!
The idea was formed in late 2018, by Spring 2019 a small group of likeminded and motivated Aggies joined the effort and that very Fall, the Inaugural Impact Gala exceeded our fundraising goal and sold out our venue right at 300 guests.
In 2021, we showed up and showed out and SOLD OUT our event to celebrate with more than 500 Aggies, family, friends and supporters! Last year we became an Official Aggie Tradition! Tonight, you are amongst almost 500 Aggies, family and friends! WHOOP!
What's the result of living the Texas A&M Core values: Excellence & Achievement, Compassion, Integrity, Knowledge, Diversity Initiative and Collab­oration? IT's Impact. Local Impact. National Impact. Community Impact. Familial Impact. And some­times even World Impact.
Since the original endowed scholarship that fully funded in 2020 less than 4 years ago, all of us working together plus our sponsors have:

  • Provided 5 students 4 year scholarships to Texas A&M
  • Created an avenue for direct to student support
  • Quickly funneled funds for students in need of dire financial assistance
  • Created a movement of philanthropy that has united and engaged Black Former Students around the country
  • Given current students hope, inspiration and mentorship
  • Launched an app to connect Black Former Students to one another and strengthen ties to our university Texas A&M
  • Created visibility for our rich community of high achieving high impact Black Former Students
  • Brought Black Former Students Back to College Station to celebrate one another

his Gala is a beacon and a true example of what happens when we follow God's lead, listen for His nudges and recognize He has given us everything we need. We have the power to create and to respond cohesively when we see a need.
We are givers, we've always been philanthropists -­sewing into one another and sharing resources. We are creators. We are connectors. We are believers in one another and the power of the Aggie spirit. Thank you to my family for their support from idea to execution! My husband, Bobby, sisters Teresa Davis Emebo '99 and Kiley Davis, my parents who showed me what service to others looks like, daughter Keri J (film crew for tonight), Alexus, Evan and my dear friends who are here to support this event and our cause.

With immense gratitude and Aggie appreciation,

Erica Davis-Rouse ‘95

Gala Founder